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Roman Pertsovskiy
CEO & Co-Founder at uForce.pro
We're here to help you make your advertising campaigns successful by creating amazing creatives, landing pages, email newsletters, and presentations. We can even add some animation to your images or edit your videos for a polished look.
Designing Success: Strategic Approach to Engaging Graphic Content
For a business app
per month
Our goal was to provide a dedicated design team specializing in creating visually captivating content to engage the audience. The team's focus included designing graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Appsumo, and Product Hunt.
Over the course of 7 months, the design team successfully completed 97 designs, delivering captivating covers, eye-catching animations, compelling creatives, and engaging social media posts. The average monthly cost for their design services amounted to $500, which is significantly more affordable compared to the average monthly salary of a creative marketing designer in the USA, which stands at $4.7K.
Through our collaborative efforts, we established a cohesive and distinctive visual identity for the brand. This consistent and recognizable brand image enhanced the brand's overall recognition and appeal to potential customers. The result was increased brand visibility and an improved ability to attract and engage with the target audience.
From Analysis to Brilliance: Creating Unique Creatives that Transcend Conventional Concepts
For a production company
per creative
Our client came to us with an exciting challenge: to develop and implement 10 original creatives that break new ground and don't rely on previous concepts.
To achieve this, we conducted a thorough analysis of the product's strengths and studied the competition. Additionally, we identified effective elements that drive click-through rates and conducted a brainstorming session to generate innovative concepts. In total, we developed 30 ideas and 20 unique selling propositions, out of which we transformed 17 into outstanding creatives. The average cost per creative was $40.
Our efforts brought substantial improvements to our client's Facebook advertising campaigns. We significantly boosted the CTR of their ads, resulting in a higher number of leads. By delivering engaging and unique creatives, we helped our client stand out from the competition and capture the attention of their target audience, ultimately driving more valuable interactions and conversions.
Branding in the Inbox: Custom Email Templates that Capture Attention
For an Edtech project
per template
Our goal was to create a visually appealing and engaging email template for the client's Mailchimp email campaign, aligning it with their website's design and branding.
We thoroughly examined the website and brand guidelines, breaking down the text into meaningful content blocks. Using Figma, we crafted email mockups and incorporated necessary revisions. Furthermore, we coded the emails in HTML, ensuring seamless compatibility with Mailchimp, and tested the template's visual elements across various devices. Ultimately, we developed a versatile HTML template that catered to three distinct types of emails. The average cost per template was $100.
Our contribution proved instrumental in enhancing the client's email campaign performance, specifically in driving higher click-through rates. By designing an attractive and user-friendly email template, we facilitated better engagement with their audience, resulting in increased customer loyalty and more valuable interactions with their subscribers.
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