B2B Lead Generation (customers)

Roman Pertsovskiy
CEO & Co-Founder at uForce.pro
Our lead generation process covers every aspect of bringing in new clients. We begin by collecting input data and sourcing leads from LinkedIn and other platforms, using specific criteria to filter the most promising targets.

From there, we launch targeted email campaigns, maintain regular communication, and schedule meetings to convert leads into clients.
Here's a breakdown of our process:
Discovery meeting & Customer Profiling
We start by getting the necessary input data to get the ball rolling. Our team works with you to define your ideal customer profile, then we collect information on the company rep we'll contact, such as Founders/Co-Founders, C-Level, V-Level, and others.
Lead Sourcing
Our team searches LinkedIn with Sales Navigator to identify potential leads that match your specific criteria. We have the experience and expertise to find the most promising targets in your industry/sphere and location. We use our rigorous filtering process to select the most likely leads based on criteria like company size, industry/sphere, location, and the representative's profile.
We initiate targeted email campaigns to maintain regular communication with the leads. Our sales experts write scripts that resonate with your potential clients, tailored to the communication channel (LinkedIn or email newsletters). We follow up with them to keep them engaged and answer their questions.
Meeting Scheduling
If necessary, we set up meetings with potential clients to seal the deal.
At our company, we have mastered the art of B2B lead generation, and our process ensures that you receive quality leads that match your criteria.
Success Story:
Scaling Client’s Business with Warm Leads

Our client approached us with a unique challenge: to find resellers who purchase goods from China and are interested in reliable procurement and logistics services.

Our team delivered 45 warm leads to the client at a cost of only $85 per lead. These warm leads were then transformed into real deals on the client's side, with one of them resulting in a $132,000 sale.

With our expertise in lead generation, we can help your business identify and reach the right prospects, generating more sales and higher revenues. Let us help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level.
Success Story #2:
Outreach for an international marketplace

An international marketplace — an online marketplace that brings affordable, high-quality products to customers from all over the world.

In March, we generated 30 leads.
Now we are making at least 10 leads per week.
We've made 700 calls since March not counting numerous times we’ve called invalid phone numbers. In more than 80% of cases, one lead can have 3 numbers.

Timeline — 1 month.
Success Story #3:
Outreach for a service for hiring remote developers

During the project, we’ve made a total of 216 connections on LinkedIn.
63 people accepted the LinkedIn connection and 36 of them replied.
Reply rate is 57.2%
As a result, 6 meetings were held.
Conversion rate to the meeting is 57.45%

Timeline — 1 month.
Success Story #4:
Outreach for AI Assistant

During the project, we’ve made a total of 1429 connections on LinkedIn.
294 people replied.
Reply rate is 48.6%
As a result, 19 people agreed on meeting and 11 meetings were held.

Timeline — 2 months.
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