B2B Lead Generation (partners, experts)

Roman Pertsovskiy
CEO & Co-Founder at uForce.pro
B2B Lead generation is one of our core competencies. Our process involves collecting leads from LinkedIn/Crunchbase, validating them against your ideal customer profile, gathering contact details, and systematically engaging with the leads through targeted email campaigns.
Here's a breakdown of our process:
Discovery Call
Provide us with lead information such as priority and alternative positions, geographical location, and preferred types of companies. Also, specify the necessary contact information such as social media links, email, and phone numbers.
Lead Sourcing
Based on your criteria, we search for leads either by company or by position.
Lead Selection
From a vast database of leads, we select the most promising ones based on specific criteria.
We create personalized scripts for each communication channel and send newsletters via LinkedIn or email. Our sales experts maintain regular communication and follow up with leads to keep them engaged.
Meeting Scheduling
If necessary, we will set up meetings with potential leads.
At our company, we prioritize providing quality leads that match your description. Our team of experts is committed to delivering results and optimizing your lead generation process.
Success Story:
Arranging 1-2 weekly calls to share experience
and insights on marketing and sales

We sought marketing and sales experts from competing companies in the US and UK markets on LinkedIn and Facebook. With automated outreach and scheduling tools, we facilitated the process of meeting and exchanging knowledge.

Our lead generation efforts resulted in:

  • 36 replies, a reply rate of 17%
  • 6 successful meetings held
  • A low cost of $68 per appointment

Our client gained valuable insights from these meetings, which helped them enhance their sales strategy and stand out from the competition.

Contact us today and let us help you improve your business strategies with our expert knowledge and proven lead generation techniques.
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