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Roman Pertsovskiy
CEO & Co-Founder at
Looking for help with influencer marketing? We know that running an effective influencer campaign can be a daunting task, that's why we've got you covered, from selecting the perfect influencers to tracking campaign performance.
Here's how we do it:
Discovery Call
In our initial Discovery Call, we'll gather all the information we need to make your campaign a success. We'll discuss the number of ad placements, deadlines, and the period of advertising. If you don't have influencer requirements or a brief, don't worry — we can help you create them. We'll also review the results of past advertising campaigns, if available.
Influencer Research
Our team uses our own proprietary software to build a list of influencers who meet your criteria. We carefully vet each influencer to ensure they're the right fit for your brand.
Outreach and Follow-up
We'll handle all the communication with influencers, including collecting their statistics and insights, negotiating prices, and finalizing placement details. We'll also set up follow-ups to ensure everything stays on track.
Draft Approval
A few days before publication, we'll share a draft of the ad with you for approval. We'll also work with the influencer to make any necessary edits.
Publication Day
On the day of publication, we'll ensure that everything is in order. We'll verify the clickability of the link and make sure the publication meets the agreed-upon draft.
Payment and Results
Payment for posted publications can occur from our or your side. After a set period of time, we'll request the publication's results from the influencers and check their reliability. We'll also request statistics on the number of leads from you and evaluate the overall success of the campaign.
With our expert team and comprehensive process, we'll help you take your influencer marketing to the next level. Contact us today to learn more!
Success Story:
Working with influencers in the crypto
and NFT spaces to boost registration rates.

Our client saw impressive results with their influencer marketing campaign over a 6-month period. We collaborated with 302 YouTube bloggers, resulting in over 34M views and approximately 90K registrations. The campaign targeted mid-tier and large-scale bloggers worldwide, with particular emphasis on the Asia and LATAM regions. We managed the campaign with a focus on the number of registrations and their cost.

Here are some key campaign metrics:
  • Campaign duration: 6 months
  • 302 collaborations
  • Total reach of 34 million
  • 90K registrations
  • Cost per registration: $20
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