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Guess who helped us grow 100 times in three months and collaborate with almost 1300 influencers? Guys from uForce. They helped us deal with the routine so that we wouldn’t have to hire additional people to work for us full-time and could concentrate purely on negotiating with influencers.

When we worked together, we seemed to have a great exchange of expertise—Roman helped me understand a lot about the operational side of things.
In turn, I shared insights and inside knowledge about the subtleties of influencer marketing.

The output turned out great! And I am very inspired by how quickly the guys grow up, become more complex, and at the same time build such cool and understandable processes.
Ilona Rakhmanova
Head of influencer marketing
Here's an honest opinion about the
guys from It's pretty clear that they can help with a lot of stuff but they turned out to be very useful for me in the past year when Welltory was dealing with an
investment round. Finding suitable investors with the right connections, analyzing competitors, analyzing the market and so on and so forth. The assistants obviously act according to
the instructions that you give them, but they act clearly, meet the deadlines
that you set, everything is transparent and they try to adjust to what's convinient for you. We worked through Telegram and Google Sheets.
Somebody uses Trello, etc.

Now our guys are working with them
on outreach and ifluence marketing. In
a nutshell, they give you an opportunity to speed up your growth when you just don't have enough resourses on your own. Just in case — here's Roman, you can contact him if you need help
Jane Smorodnikova
For the past 6 months, we have been using uForce remote assisstants service.

We delegated lead generation of PRO players, sales quality assessment, content management SEO, analytics updates. 1000+ hours a month.

Highly recommend!
Alex Beliankin
CEO & Founder
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