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Roman Pertsovskiy
CEO & Co-Founder at uForce.pro
We excel in various tasks, taking on what you lack time and attention for, freeing you up for more important matters. Our strengths lie in building or automating processes with a systematic approach. Our expertise includes market research, mass vacancy applications, SERM, recruitment, and Product Hunt launches.


Marketing Sherlock Holmes: Solving the Mystery of Competitors' VK and Telegram Success
Aligning the Stars: Connecting with Top-Level Talent that Shines in Skills and Values
The Launch Leap: Catapulting to Product Hunt Stardom with uForce
The Automation Revolution: Transforming Student Job Applications in Asia
Reputation Rejuvenation: Transforming Online Presence from Negative to Positive
For an EdTech company
For a TOP-3 Edtech company
For a Digital Academy
For a Digital Academy
For an online service
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Our client was eager to uncover the secrets behind their competitors' strategies to drive and convert traffic on VK and Telegram.
We embarked on a mission to find top-notch talent, including CPOs, CMOs, and other high-level specialists at the CEO-1 and CEO-2 levels. Our goal was to establish contact with them, conduct interviews, and evaluate their soft skills, ensuring their alignment with the company's corporate culture and values.
Our mission was to assist in a successful launch on Product Hunt, aiming to capture maximum attention from the community and generate authentic upvotes and comments, with the ultimate goal of securing "Product of the Day" badge.
We set out to devise an efficient method for mass responding to student job vacancies in the Asian region.
Our mission was to enhance the client's online presence by improving their search engine rankings and managing their reviews on various platforms, specifically focusing on mitigating unjustified negativity.
Our team took a deep dive into 9 competitors, meticulously crafting nine Customer Journey Maps that unveiled valuable insights into their marketing strategies.

To gather data, we conducted a survey targeting 140 students and parents, achieving 50% participation rate, all at a reasonable cost of $7 per respondent. Additionally, we interviewed marketing pros from rival teams, tapping into their insights.
We reached out to a grand total of over 2000 candidates for the 6 available positions, resulting in over 80 candidates being shortlisted, with a 50% success rate in filling the vacancies. The conversion rate from initial contact to meaningful communication stood strong at 30-40%. Throughout the process, we conducted more than 20 interviews with C-level experts.
In just three days of preparation, we leveraged our network and engaged relevant thematic groups to spread the word. During the launch, our team contributed approximately 33% of the upvotes. As a result, our client proudly received the esteemed "Product of the Day" badge, and later in the year, they were honored with the prestigious annual Kitty Golden Awards in the Edtech field.
Over a span of 3 months, our team established a streamlined workflow that facilitated an unlimited number of job applications. This was made possible by automating numerous processes. With a dedicated team of 8+ individuals, including developers and freelancers, we successfully reduced the cost per application from 60 to 10 euros.
Thanks to our strategies and hard work, the company's overall rating across all review platforms now stands at a solid 4 or above, compared to their initial ratings ranging from 1.2 to 3.
Our comprehensive analysis empowered the client to fine-tune their marketing efforts, attract a higher volume of leads, and effectively convert them into paying customers. The team completed the entire project in just two weeks, with a total cost of $2,673.
Our client experienced significant time savings in the search and screening of candidates at the top of the talent funnel. As a result, they received a pool of candidates who not only possessed the necessary hard skills but also aligned perfectly with the company's desired soft skills and values.
The uForce team played a crucial role in propelling our client to the top, garnering recognition and visibility within the Product Hunt community, along with numerous accolades and acknowledgments on the platform.
With our help, our client was able to enhance their offerings by including employment assistance. This, in turn, had a positive impact on student conversion rates and increased the likelihood of them enrolling in courses.
By fostering a positive online reputation, we have not only bolstered the client's brand image but also instilled greater customer confidence and trust. Our work in shaping a favorable information landscape has had a profound impact on their overall reputation and standing.

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