B2B Lead Generation

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Roman Pertsovskiy
CEO & Co-Founder at uForce.pro
At the core of our expertise lies systematic B2B lead generation. Our streamlined process revolves around sourcing targeted leads from reputable platforms such as LinkedIn and Crunchbase. We meticulously validate each lead to ensure it aligns with your ideal customer profile, capturing their vital contact details. Ultimately, we engage these prospects through our tailored email campaigns, forging valuable connections that drive your business growth.


The Great Marketing Exchange: Sharing Secrets and Shaping the Industry Together
For an online platform
per meeting
Setting up weekly calls to connect and exchange experiences and insights with marketing and sales pros from rival companies in the US and UK markets, using LinkedIn and Facebook.
Our hustle paid off, with a solid 17% response rate and a total of 36 replies. Out of those, we managed to lock in 6 meetings, costing an average of $68 each.
Our client scored some real gems from these conversations, gaining invaluable insights that boosted their sales strategy and made them stand out from the competition.
Diving into the Deep End: Unveiling Market Fit and ICP Secrets through Bold Experimentation
For an AI Assistant
We dove headfirst into the US market, conducting hypothesis tests to nail down Market Fit and Ideal Customer Profile, while also setting up meetings with potential clients.
Throughout the project, we made 1429 connections on LinkedIn. The effort paid off with 294 people (48.6%) responding to our outreach. As a result, 19 individuals agreed to meet up, and we successfully held a total of 11 meetings. Additionally, we put 8 hypotheses to the test.
By putting our hypotheses to the test and gathering feedback from these meetings, our client was able to fine-tune their ICP and identify the perfect Market Fit.
Masterclass Meetings: Unlocking the Vault of University Software Sales Wisdom
For an educational project
We brought in seasoned experts for meetings who had prior experience in selling software to universities. The purpose of these meetings was to exchange valuable insights and information, covering topics such as payment processes, sales strategies, and the competitive landscape in the university software market. We targeted regions including Europe, the USA, and developing countries.
Over a span of 2 months, we made a total of 591 connections on LinkedIn, sent out over 200 emails, and engaged with 102 potential leads. This effort led to 15 individuals agreeing to meet, and we successfully held a total of 10 meetings.
The client gained invaluable insights into how sales strategies could be implemented in their business. All meetings were conducted as consultations, and initially, the client was prepared to pay $300-500 for each meeting with an expert. However, we successfully negotiated with the experts to have these meetings provided free of charge.
Reseller Safari: Hunting for Hidden Gems in China's Procurement Wilderness
For an international marketplace
warm leads
per lead
Our client presented us with a fascinating challenge: locating resellers who regularly purchase goods from China and have a keen interest in reliable procurement and logistics services.
Our team delivered 45 warm leads to the client at a cost of only $85 per lead. These warm leads were then transformed into real deals on the client's side, with one of them resulting in a $132,000 sale.
By assisting the business in pinpointing and connecting with the right prospects, we have generated increased sales and higher revenues, thereby enabling our client to expand their business with these valuable warm leads.

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