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Looking for help with influencer marketing? We know that running an effective influencer campaign can be a daunting task, that's why we've got you covered, from selecting the perfect influencers to tracking campaign performance.


Unlocking Influence:
The Journey to Massive Views and Registration Success
Impression Ignition: uForce's Journey to Influencer Success Across 10 Countries
Engage, Influence, Convert: Podcast Advertising Triumph
Collaboration Catalyst: uForce's Journey to Successful Partnerships with Family Bloggers
For an NFT game
For an online English-language school
For an educational project
For a learning platform
Our challenge was to establish a comprehensive process for effectively collaborating with YouTube influencers in the crypto and NFT space, with the primary objective of boosting registration rates.
Our goal was to streamline the process of searching for potential influencers on Instagram for future collaborations with our client, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness. Our search spanned across the EU, MENA, and EMEA regions.
Our mission was to identify podcasts with a mature audience to promote our client's brand and drive sales. We aimed to initiate outreach and successfully launch advertising campaigns on these podcasts.
Our objective was to assist the client in securing collaborations with micro-influencers, specifically family blogs, across the EU, LATAM, and MENA regions. We aimed to establish meaningful interactions with these influencers from the ground up.
Our client saw impressive results with their influencer marketing campaign over a 6-month period. We collaborated with 300+ YouTube bloggers, resulting in over 34M views and approximately 90K registrations. The campaign targeted mid-tier and large-scale bloggers worldwide, with particular emphasis on the Asia and LATAM regions.
Our team analyzed 140K influencers and reached out to them via 48,000 emails over a span of 6 months. The project yielded impressive results, including over 400 successful collaborations, generating more than 20M+ impressions across 10 countries. The reply rate from influencers was a solid 20%.
Throughout our search, we discovered 200+ suitable podcasts. We reached out to them and received responses from 109 podcasts, resulting in an impressive reply rate of 45%. In total, we successfully launched 10 collaborations, generating 235,000 impressions at an average CPM of $18.
Our efforts encompassed engaging with over 3000 influencers on Instagram and YouTube, resulting in the successful publication of 45 integrations. These collaborations garnered approximately 2000 clicks, with an average CPC of $2.36.
Our team allowed the client to move quickly to the first launch, without wasting time on hiring a marketing team. We provided the client with daily and monthly analytics, saving them over 800 hours of work.
By taking charge of the entire routine of working with bloggers, we empowered the client's team to focus on communication and their key performance indicators, freeing up their time for more impactful tasks. Our streamlined approach allowed for efficient collaboration and ensured the client's message reached their target audience as effectively as possible.
By optimizing the entire process of podcast advertising, from research to communication, we empowered the client's team to allocate their focus and resources to other platforms. Our streamlined approach ensured that the client's brand received maximum exposure and engagement among their target audience.
Within just two weeks of our active efforts, the client achieved their first influencer collaborations, marking a significant milestone. Our dedicated work saved the client over 300 hours, allowing them to focus on other crucial aspects of their business. Through our expertise and efficient approach, we enabled the client to maximize their reach and impact within their target audience.

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