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Looking to raise funds for your project? Our fundraising service can help. We'll collect a database of funds and private investors, send connections via LinkedIn, and schedule meetings with investors to help secure funding for your project.


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Mass Outreach Strategy with Impact
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uForce's Journey to Attract Pre-Seed Investments
Navigating the Funding Landscape: uForce's Comprehensive Analysis of Educational Investments
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Cracking the Investor Code: uForce's In-depth Analysis of Singaporean Interest in Early-stage EdTech Projects
For an Educational Project in SEA Region
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Our objective was to assist the client in expanding their funnel by implementing a mass outreach strategy to attract investors. Additionally, we aimed to arrange meetings with potential investors to accelerate the process of raising $2M in investments.
Our goal was to assist the client in attracting investments, with a particular emphasis on private investors or syndicates during the pre-seed round.
Our aim was to create a comprehensive spreadsheet with detailed information about funds' investments in educational projects in Latin America.
Our task was to test the hypothesis regarding the interest of Singaporean investors in an early-stage EdTech project.
Our team initiated targeted connections with 5K+ potential investors on LinkedIn, achieving an impressive connection rate of 81.43%. We dedicated a total of 197 hours to communicate with these investors, resulting in the setup of 42 meetings. The cost per appointment averaged at $70.
Over a span of 7 months, we compiled a mailing list consisting of 5K+ potential investors and initiated 60+ conversations on various messenger platforms. Additionally, we successfully facilitated 48 in-person meetings with interested investors.
We compiled data on over 400 competitors, both direct and indirect, along with information on more than 340 funds operating in the region. Additionally, we gathered essential details about each fund's investment history, including the amount and date of investment. Furthermore, we successfully identified and collected social media profiles of funders and fund partners.
We successfully compiled a comprehensive database of investors, consisting of individuals from funds that have previously invested in the EdTech sector. The database included around 500-600 potential investors. Additionally, we gathered contact information for approximately 2,000 employees working within these funds.
By building an outreach infrastructure from scratch and streamlining the process of engaging with investors, we played a crucial role in helping our client secure $1.5M in Pre-Series A funding. Our efforts not only expanded the top of the funnel but also facilitated meaningful connections with investors and accelerated the fundraising process.
Our efforts proved instrumental in helping the client establish effective lines of communication with investors, resulting in the acquisition of approximately $350K in funding. We played a key role in connecting the client with the right investors and facilitating meaningful interactions that led to the successful attraction of investment capital.
The client now has access to a well-organized resource that serves as a prioritization tool for engaging with funds. The strategy is to approach the less relevant funds first, gradually progressing towards the more significant ones. This approach allows the client to practice pitching and refine their strategy with smaller-scale candidates before targeting the more prominent players. Moreover, we identified potential avenues for connecting with funds through their founders, enabling the client to leverage personal introductions and enhance their chances of securing funding.
As a result of our efforts, we facilitated 10 meetings between the client and various funds. These meetings provided valuable insights and feedback for the client's EdTech project.

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